This patch provides native IBM JFS and SGI XFS file systems support for the GNU GRUB. It seems to be stable. Patch divided into two files: grub-jfs+xfs-1.0-core and grub-jfs+xfs-1.0-build. You can use just the first (and run automake/autoconf) or both (and no automake).

Last version 1.0 is against grub-0.90.

XFS notes

Supports only version 4 of file system and version 2 of directory layout (I guess that's enough for x86 Linux XFS).


January 23, 2002
GRUB-0.91 was released yesterday with these patches integrated. That's all.
October 28, 2001
All this stuff is in GRUB CVS now and will hopefully be in GRUB 0.91. It means that this site is closed. All fixes/updates to code will go to the GRUB maintainers.
Thank you.
August 29 (later), 2001, version 1.0
JFS: no changes.
XFS: fixed next_extent(): must use bb_rightsib; xfs_highbit32() is replaced by more stupid function (to reduce code size); minor cleanup.
August 29, 2001, version 0.9
JFS: even more cleanups.
XFS: added support for btree organized dirs; fixed entry duplication; cleaned up xfs.h.
August 28, 2001, version 0.8
JFS: further cleanups.
XFS: added support for btree organized files; now works when dirblock > block.
August 27, 2001, version 0.7
JFS: more cleanups and tweaks.
XFS: first release.
July 24, 2001, version 0.6
Moved to GRUB 0.90. Minor cleanups.
June 23, 2001, version 0.5
Cleanup in jfs.h; moved to jfs version >= 0.3.6; small fixes.
June 12, 2001, version 0.4
Better handling of non-ansi characters; preventing the symlink loop; various cleanups and fixes.
June 10, 2001, version 0.3
Fixed nasty bug in jfs_read that caused error while reading files with multiple extents; sparse files support; full symlinks support.
June 8, 2001, version 0.2
Initial symlinks support; fixed segfault with empty directory.
June 5, 2001
First public version (0.1).
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